We are excited to announce the launch of Ohio and Pennsylvania CAN. Spearheaded by The Land of Can, empowering food-allergic families to embrace their possibilities instead of defining themselves by their limitations, and alongside Red Sneakers For Oakley, we will introduce OH & PA to the Land of CAN, empowering kids to act and think positively and learn about food allergies.

As part of a GoFundMe campaign, we will provide each of the 1,738 public elementary schools in Ohio and each of the 1,619 public elementary schools in Pennsylvania with a special children’s book, authentic food allergy resources and CAN empowerment tools that will help all kids soar!

But we need your help. This CANpaign enables us to establish the Land of Can in every public elementary school in Ohio and Pennsylvania (for only $17.50 per school).

Visit the GoFundMe page for details and to contribute. http://bit.ly/thelandofcan.

To learn more, contact info@allisonrosefoundation.org. Thank you for continuing to change the lives of food allergy families


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